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Professional Laboratory Management Corp Co.,Ltd. Or “PROLAB” registered its incorporation as a limited company on March 6, 2000. PROLAB which makes us have become an experienced company in terms of investigation and analysis on medical laboratory for more than 30 years. PROLAB is entrusted by the service users, such as hospital, clinic, office, insurance company, school, industrial factory, research project, and general persons, the contributions of high quality service to be correct and precise. Therefore, this makes us still intend to develop our potentials both technology, contemporary equipment, as well as the personnel of specialists.
PROLAB has been approved by getting quality guarantee from ISO 15189 in the investigation field of Hormone, Tumor Marker, Hepatitis Virus, Immune Complex, Drug Monitor, Toxicology, Infectious, Biochemistry , Hematology Molecular ,Cytology, and Pathology more than 160 lists from the Bureau of Laboratory Quality Standards, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health. Laboratory Accreditation; This is the acceptance of quality administrative system of the laboratory according to the work standard of medical technology.

PROLAB hope that will receive support from the service users and the instructions for the contributions of high quality to make the PROLAB be a part of our drive to develop the medical profession and public health of Thailand to be equal and progress to the international level in order to raise the level of life quality for Thai people to be healthy and live well as determination of “ Quality U Can trust ”

Clinical Laboratory
The Clinical Laboratory is about service in terms of immunology, haematology, microscopy, microbiology, and various special investigations for more than 500 lists carried out by the specialists and experienced experts on medical technologies who are ready to give service in terms of investigation and analysis with contemporary instruments. Moreover, there is the quality control on investigation process both Internal Quality Control and External Quality Control so that the analysis results will get the utmost accurate and reliable.

Toxicology PROLAB, this is regarded as one of a few places in Thailand which has the readiness of Toxicology. PROLAB service for specimen investigated by human. This is because PROLAB reaches the readiness on specialist personnel and has appropriate places for operation, as well as standard toxicological equipment, such as HPLC, GC Headspace, and Atomic Absorption (AA), to be used to investigate and analyze the substance group of osmium, volatile, and derivative in Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Group.

For Molecular Laboratory, with the testing standard of USFDA level acceptable in global level, therefore the PROLAB gets reliability in terms of investigation and analysis in various operations, such as finding the viral load quantity of HIV virus germs, Hepatitis B and C. Moreover, PROLAB provides the investigation service of influenza infection, Swine Flu, Dengue hemorrhagic fever, Tuberculosis, etc. For the investigation and analysis process, PROLAB uses the Real time PCR principle for analysis. Moreover, PROLAB develops the analysis to support the new born diseases to quickly respond the customers’ needs.

Pathology PROLAB, this focuses on development and use of contemporary instruments which provide the precise and quick measurement considered as the key of pathology. In addition, PROLAB provides the personnel on experienced pathology physicians from leading institutes of Thailand to work with us in order to get the utmost accuracy of interpretation.